~Support for those who touch~

  • Do you feel lonely in your work?

  • Do you currently feel as effective as you’d like to be?

  • Do you want more from your practice?

Mentoring/Supervision is a form of lifelong learning, a mode of reflective practice that can occur in one on one settings or in groups. It an be online or in person and just talk or blended with some touch skills. We talk together to understand more about the quality of work you are providing and look at you along your journey as you bring your whole self to your practice. It helps develop your professional capabilities and skills and is a vehicle for developing your whole self as an instrument which is especially useful because you use both touch and words. The way you work and the way you bring yourself into your practice is uniquely yours and different from everyone else. Since your work is not cookie cutter getting the support you need comes in different forms. At different points in time you’ll face challenges in your practice and it can be helpful to have a place to bring your questions, thoughts, feelings ideas etc. It’s not about the tools you use but instead about the way you use the tools. This type of learning is relatively new in the Structural Integration and general bodywork communities and incredibly valuable. Join the shift in culture by getting support so you can give support.

Available for practitioners and teachers at all levels.

Supervision serves any of these three functions:

  1. Resourcing function which provides you the practitioner with the emotional nourishment to sustain you in your practice.

  2. Normative function which means we can understand something about your quality of work you are providing to others.

  3. Formative function which looks at you in your own developmental journey as a practitioner bringing your whole self to your work.

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