Liz Stewart

Structural Integration

Also providing Supervision and Mentoring for Practitioners and Educators


   Structural Integration

Structural Integration, also referred to as “SI” is a process-based approach to somatic education based on the work of Dr. Ida P. Rolf, PhD. It typically involves manual therapy that explores the possibility of change in how you use and experience your body. Through education, awareness, and therapeutic touch, you can release painful, stressful patterns of tension. Effortful habits are replaced with feelings of comfort, ease of movement and posture, and a sense of whole-body coherence.

SI systematically addresses your body as a whole, usually over a series of sessions. Skillful touch brings relief from pain and discomfort, and awareness of how you’re holding and using your body. My aim is to help you inquire into how you relate with your body and environment. You may come to recognize patterns of tension that no longer serve you, and discover new options for movement, posture, self-care, and your overall physical experience. Rather than treating symptoms, I’d like to work with you to help you and your body integrate internally between systems, and externally toward your life’s challenges.

On-line and In Person Supervision/Mentoring

For those who touch: Support your growth from uncertainty. minimize your isolation and help build professional confidence. Mentoring/Supervision is either one-on-one or in a group format. The benefits are uniquely different and both valuable. You bring in a topic to talk about and explore. This could be something hands-on, related to a specific client, something internal, an aspect of business such as fees or cancellations, or anything else on your mind. This dedicated time to talk builds understanding, surfaces blind spots, and develops awareness. I approach mentoring/supervision as a reflective, instructive, and collaborative exploration. Enhance your sense of connection expand your business and practice and energize your work. 

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